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Overview: The contract has been signed and I had the mandate to produce a solution for an industry that had limited exposure to 3D methods and even less to BIM or IPD.

Although my initial focus was on the documented company procedures and processes the real added value came from the engineers and designers themselves. I had many discussions; with virtually the entire workforce; to gain insight from their impressions, ideas and tap into their expertise…essentially what worked and what did not!

This company had a good team of engineers with a wealth of engineering knowledge but I recognized there was untapped potential lost due to the apparent knowledge gap with the Cad software they were using. Many examples related to the vanilla Autocad product which in 2005 was a mature product with a plethora of features that were quite frankly overlooked that could have benefited their productivity.

One key feature that was not utilised was xrefs; in fact no one even knew the feature was there. This is not unusual as I have come across this with other companies more recently. I do wonder though as to why this is the case, perhaps training but I think it has more to do with how the product is sold and supported. Sure the local cad supplier will provide training but they don’t seem to have been proactive in helping the company with the longer term implementation and use. So I  introduced them to xrefs which were a significant step when working with the Autocad genre and Civil 3D.