The Manual

Integral to my mandate for this project was the development of a working manual explaining the process for future support and maintenance. I actually took this further by including the logic and thinking behind the development process; detailing why specific decisions had been made and the considerations in making those decisions.

This was very important as I was only there for a relatively short space of time, so it was necessary for the company to understand the background to why things were done a specific way to make it easier for them to make informed decision for future improvements.

The manual ended up being about 300 pages long, which was very detailed. It is unwise to think that a manual 300 pages long was going to be easy to read so I broke it down into manageable volumes of between 18 and 24 pages to improve accessibility of key information.


In fact the entire solution was predicated on the idea of achieving manageable chunks of information through the adoption of a modular strategy.

The manual as it turns out has been shared outwith this company and has provided a basis for others to devise similar solutions, which is a good thing!